About BigEdHouse

BigEdHouse was developed to solve two problems for two sets of people. Before BEH, the only way for schools to find experts was to go to conferences and attend their presentations or by word-of-mouth from colleagues. It was quite difficult to locate someone with specific expertise (think Early Childhood Behavior Specialist, Google Apps Script Writing, etc.) For experts, the only way to find the schools who needed them was to try to meet representatives from those schools at conferences or to wait for them to hear about them via word-of-mouth, neither of which was very efficient. BEH strives to help schools find the experts they need and help experts find the schools who need them.

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Amy Mayer


Amy Mayer is a twenty year veteran educator who now works as an expert who helps schools solve problems around technology integration. Amy has taught English, grades 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, and college level, but for the last ten years she has worked in technology in various capacities, mostly as an Instructional Technology Director. You can find her BEH profile here.

Mike Wallace

Technical Analyst

Mike Wallace has been in the tech industry for 18 years, with the last 4 of those years in education. He started as a desktop tech, and since then, he has worked as a help desk supervisor, programmer, system administrator, and he now serves as a technology director. Mike appreciates the impact that technology can have on a student's education. You can find his BEH profile here.