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If you have an expertise that can help school succeed, whether it’s in school finance, behavior support, special education, technology, or ANYTHING else, make it searchable through BigEdHouse by adding keywords to your profile. BEH will also give you a unified place to show off your resume and most importantly, connect you with schools who need you.


BigEdHouse will always be 100% free for schools, and that’s good, because nothing is better than finding exactly the help you need at exactly the time you need it. Think of BigEdHouse consultants as the place where you find the person or team who will help you find solutions to the problems you face whether they center around behavior support, special education, technology integration or ANYTHING else. If you choose, you can also make your need searchable through BEH.

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How much does BEH cost?

BEH is 100% free for schools AND experts.

How do I get listed on BEH?

If you’re a school, sign up here. If you’re an expert, sign up here.

What are the benefits of BEH?

For schools, the benefit is finding the experts you need to succeed; for experts, the benefit is finding the schools who need your help.

How do I contact BEH?

You can contact BEH any time by emailing or through the channels listed at the bottom of each page of our site. We look forward to hearing from you!